March 20, 2013

Pirouette Waterproof Vibrator

I am back in full swing doing sex toy reviews!
I use to do reviews for GoodVibrations over a year ago but life just got way to busy for me to keep doing them but things have settled down a bit and I am also in need of new toys, so I've decided to do them again.

First thing I should say is I have always been happy with my service at Good Vibrations! I have been dealing with them on and off for at least 2 years now and it is always great.

My package came discreet as always and well packaged, no dents or dings. When I see they had this item up for review I snag it quick like. The spiral design on the Pirouette stood out to me unlike most vibes out there. The curvy spiraled shaft adds texture and sensation during penetration. While you can use the toy for penetration you can also utilize thous great curves for external vibration around the clit and labia, something I personally found to be fun! The Pirouette has an amazing velvety smooth surface that just glides against your skin. The control dial is simple to use and flows seamlessly with the rest of the toy, this is something that I love in a toy, looks very appealing. Pirouette is waterproof so you can take the fun with you! I love waterproof because it makes cleaning so much easier. I hope to one day have all waterproof dildos and vibrators - no more wondering what I can take in the shower and what items I have to be careful when washing. Another great thing is the price, yes the price, in a economy where people are on a budget and cutting back I love a good deal and at only $18 I find this to be a snag! I looked online and did not find it cheaper else where. If you want %20 off use this code: MY20GIFT *Offer Valid threw 6/30/13, for single use only. Excludes gift cards, kits, donations, sale items and Jopen products. May not be combined with any other offer.*

Quick Over View:
2 AA Batteries (not included)
Length - 6"
Diameter - 1 1/8"
Variable Speed with Dial Control
Made with ABS Plastic with Velvet Coating
In Purple and Teal

Hard plastic is a good choose for vibrators because its hypoallergenic and non-porous (means it can be cleaned easy).

At GoodVibrations this item was marked with eco-friendly. I am not %100 sure on there version of eco-friendly (everyone has there own thing) however I did not consider that it. When I look for eco-friendly items the last thing I seek is something that's battery operated. Just a personal note there - if your looking for eco-friendly.

When I received the Pirouette it was only in a baggie in a box - so I didn't consider it packaged well. I don't like to hear my toys shaking around in there box before I open it. Maybe the company could look into a smaller box or something - makes me as a customer feel safer about my new toy.

So did it get the job done........
In the end yes it did.

I say it like that because I played for at least 20 minutes before I came. If you life is busy like mine "sneaking" away can not last 20 minutes. The tease was unbelievable thou I had sweat dripping down my thighs by the time I was done. The curves came in handy for this soft beauty, I turned and rotated the shaft on my clit till I hit my orgasm. The vibrations were a lot stronger then I had though for such a fairly simple vibrator, not a quite toy thou, it sounded like an electric toothbrush. The size of this toy is a big winner for me - so many toys these days are made so large/thick - was small and had no issues sliding in even with very little prewarming juices.

February 6, 2013

Why not Join?

My blender came in the mail the other day along with an awesome sports bra from my Wishlist ... sadly the bra fits odd on me, well it look odd. Maybe cause its the first and only uber fancy/expensive sports bra I own LOL
I don't know who bought me the bra but thank you bunches for helping me in my goal of getting healthy and fit this year!

Right now I REALLY REALLY need the Digital Steamer, that's the last of the major appliances that I need! I buy the fresh bagged veggies at Walmart that you can steam but there like 3 bucks a bag would be so much cheaper and easier to use a steamer. Plus I can steam so much more with that then without it!

I didn't get to the members only show ( Saturday night or tonight due to the Superbowl. Friday night at 11pm is the new set show! It will happen this time LOL so if your not already a member be sure to join now.... or at least soon!

I also have a cute little outfit that I am going to do pictures/videos in on Tuesday. Tomorrow I will be super busy... need to do some house work, pay bills, and work on finishing the cam room. I'm not even sure I'll even have time to tweet very much let alone do pictures and such, but it will be worth the wait ;)

I owe some custom video to a few people for about a week now! I am sorry life has been extra busy and I will get them sent out as soon as possible, please don't hate me :)